We are using Reviewboard 1.0.7.

Every so often in the diff view a comment that was added does not appear
(ever again). We know the comment is there because the "reviews" tab shows

Re-adding the comment does not work. It disappears too.

Other users can't see the comments either

The steps are:

1) add a comment in the Diff View tab
2) press Publish
3) re-enter the Diff View tab

I have't seen any patterns to the file name, file length, number of files in
the review, file position within the review etc. that the bug correlates to.
If it does happen on a file within a review, then it seems to be more likely
to happen every second file in the review -- but not necessarily so. It
happens relatively infrequently, perhaps every fifth or so review, all the
intervening reviews are fine.

So, a couple of questions:

1) Is this a known bug? If so which which version has it been fixed in?
2) If not a known bug, are other's seeing it as well?


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