> I'm not familiar with the history of TortoiseHG. Is it a fork of
> TortoiseSVN or does it only have the turtle in common? 
Only the turtle and the idea are common. TortoiseHg is written in Python and 
TortoiseSVN is written in C++.

> I'm wondering
> how much effort would be to adapt this for SVN.
The dialog I wrote uses a Mercurial extension that was based on the 
postreview tool provided by Reviewboard. 

So In order to get this to work for TortoiseSVN first you would need to 
write a SVN extension that uses the SVN API that allows you to post a review 
from the command line eg "svn postreview". Alas you could skip this step and 
access the API directly from the dialog, but id say the former is preferred.

Once that is done you could use the Python dialog as a base and port it to 
C++, but It will probably be easier to write a dialog for TortoiseSVN from 
scratch using one of their current dialogs as an example.

This is a bit of a digression from the topic of this mailing list but hope 
this helps.


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