1. GnuPatch 2.5.9 on Windows can work well in 'subprocess.Popen' (feed
diff file to stdin, an interactive way?), I didn't find root cause
yet. I changed the command to 'patch -o new_file old_file diff_file',
it generated new_file finally.
2.  GnuPatch 2.5.9 on Windows requires '\r\n' in diff_file, so I
changed convert_line_endings(), made it always using '\r\n' (someone
told me os.linesep is better)
3. On Windows, 'os.rmdir(tempdir)' would raise exception if there are
still files under tmpdir, so I have to use 'shutil.rmtree(tempdir)'

Now it works on my Windows, I'm wondering have you fully tested this
version on windows?

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