Hi everyone,

I am using Review Board with GitHub and I am getting some inaccurate errors 
while uploading big diff files:

The file "<filename>" (revision <revision>) was not found in the repository

And as the file does exist in the repository, I took a look at the Review Board 
server log and the error was a *"**HTTP Error 403: Forbidden"*.

After some research, I found at GitHub  <goog_644959457>General API Information 
- Limitations <http://develop.github.com/p/general.html> that: 

Currently we are limiting API calls to 60 per minute. This may change in the 
future, or possibly per user at some point, but if you try to access the API 
more than 60 times in a minute, it will start giving you "access denied" 

What means that diff files containing more than 60 files will probably fail 
(and that's the case).

Thus, I have a solution and a proposal. The *solution* for me has been to use a 
local mirror of the GitHub repository, keeping it updated and changing the 
Review Board repository configuration to use it instead of the remote one. And 
the *proposal* is either to use the python-github2 
<https://github.com/ask/python-github2> package or, as it's not finished, to 
implement a *requests_per_second* limit (sleep...).

What do you think about it?

Fran Ruiz

2degrees Ltd. <http://www.2degreesnetwork.com/>

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