For our repositories we have set up a post-commit / push hook to notify Trac 
when new revisions have been uploaded. The Trac hook then automatically 
updates tickets with links to the changesets if they reference the ticket in 
the commit message. I'd like to be able to set up something similar for code 
reviews. When a review is associated with a ticket in ReviewBoard, it would 
be great to have it automatically update the ticket with a message and link 
to the review. 

Similarly when a review is updated, it would be nice if the corresponding 
message went to the Trac ticket, perhaps even instead of an email.

This would cut down on a lot of duplicate messaging, having to specify the 
reviewers in both the ticket in the review, etc. 

Has anyone implemented something like this or have any idea how to do so? 
I'm pretty handy with Trac plugins and messing around with the internals 
there, so I could handle something on that end. I don't really know the RB 
code base at all so I'm not sure where I'd hook in there.

If this doesn't exist, perhaps it's a good GSoC idea as well?

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