This seems to work as expected with a Mercurial repository. Thus, it
would appear that the issue here might be coming from the ClearCase
support on Windows.

Following a note that only dynamic views are supported with ClearCase,
I've set up a dynamic view on my M: drive (M:
\RC2009_int_reviewboard) . Then in the ClearCase repository
information, I've filled in the follwoing :

Hosting Service : Custom
repository Type : Clear Case
Path : M:\RC2009_int_reviewboard

This is the set up that makes uploading diffs hang. Any tips on how to
deal with this (or just to debug to see where the issue is) would be
greatly appreciated.

On Mar 23, 1:20 pm, akochnev <> wrote:
> I've followed the instructions to install reviewboard 1.5.4  with
> python 2.6, apache 2.2, mod_python , sqlite, memcached, patch, and
> mercurial 1.8.1 support on windows. The box itself has ClearCase
> installed so I'm trying to test out the Clear Case support as well
> (I've set up a CC repository in RB).
> When I try to create a new review request using post-review, the
> review request is created; however, when post-review tries to upload
> the diff file ReviewBoard hangs and the process never completes.
> When I try to create a new review request by uploading a diff through
> the web app, review board hangs and the request never completes (the
> spinner just keeps spinning)
> I tested uploading an image and that works fine - a directory
> structure gets created under media/uploaded/images, which seems to
> point out that the permissions on the upload directories are OK.
> I've looked both in the apache logs and in the logs folder in the rb
> site that I've created but i don't see any error messages. I've
> enabled Debug=True in conf/, but that didn't help
> either. I've tried running apache both as a system user and myself
> (the user used in the install process) to make sure that it's not some
> other permissions issue, but no luck there either.
> It feels like I'm missing something fundamental here - does anyone
> have any tips of where I could look to figure out why this is not
> working for me ?

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