On 03/25/2011 12:35 PM, storms wrote:
> I am trying to setup LDAP on my new install with 1.5.4 on RedHat using
> apache + mod_python.  I can't seem to get it to work...
> Here's my latest from the /var/log/httpd/error_log... I see the
> warning messages but not sure how to proceed with them...
> I have defined the following in Authentication Settings page:
> LDAP Server:     ldap://<server>:389
> LDAP BaseDN:  dc=sendmail,dc=com
> User Mask:         (&(objectClass=User) (mailNickname=%s))
> WARNING:root:LDAP error: The specified object does not exist in the
> Directory: (&(objectClass=User) (mailNickname=admin))

I'd guess that your User Mask is incorrect. Are you sure that
mailNickname is the attribute you want to use for your user lookup?
Might it be something like 'uid' instead? Also, objectClass=User is not
standard RFC2307.

Maybe you want:

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