Just installed RBTools on my 1.5.5 RedHat server where Reviewboard is
installed, and this is first time installing RBTools with the
following command:
easy_install -U RBTools

# which post-review

I am getting the following error when trying to use it with CVS
# post-review --debug --username=<username> --password=<passwd> Build
>>> RBTools 0.3.2
>>> Home = /root
>>> svn info
>>> repository info: Path: <fully-qualified-hostname>:/cvs, Base path: None, 
>>> Supports changesets: False
Unable to find a Review Board server for this source code tree.

My cvs repository setting is as follows:
Hosting service:  custom
Repository type:  CVS
Path:  :pserver:<username>:<password>@<fully-qualified-hostname>:/cvs
Mirror path:  <blank>
Username:  <usrname>
password:  <passowrd>

Is there something I missed during the install, which path is it
looking for?


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