We had a customized version of and we now have a (less) customized version 1.5.5 (custom SCM back end and minor email/template tweaks).

We're using Ubuntu 8.04.3 LTS (hardy) on x86 (same as the last time we upgraded, we've left the OS alone) .

We had no problems at all with this upgrade! So unlike my previous upgrade reports this really is an uninteresting one :-)

The only minor oddity was that setup tools needed to be upgraded. In our haste to upgrade we simply used easy_install for that (it may have been that apt-get would have found a new version). When the test upgrades had been done, a different OS version was used so this was our only surprise.

We also went from Django-1.1.1 (we're behind a firewall so this "old" version has been fine for us) to Django-1.3 (other stuff was upgraded too, like Djblets-0.5.5 to Djblets-0.6.7, but this is one of the significant ones).

The main reason for the upgrade was that we needed auth support for svn, we've wanted the other new features (drag-n-drop images, improved username lookup, ....) for a while but we *needed* auth.

Thanks again to everyone for making the upgrade path so easy, with great/clear documentation.

We maybe brave soon and enable the Lucene support.....


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