Craig A wrote:
This may well be "fixed" by trying python 2.6 (or even 2.5) as you

I tried Python 2.6.6 (could not find an msi installer for 2.5.5) and
voila! It works now, no more problems with BOM characters.

Thanks for your help Chris, I am glad this is working now.

Whilst this impacted a Windows user (Windows Python defaults to 7 bit US-ASCII encoding) with a utf8 encoded (diff) file. This could easily impact any user on any platform where the encoding for the file is not valid for the (default) Python site string encoding. For example this is likely to impact users of Python 2.7 if:

   * diff contains a single latin1 character (e.g. copyright symbol, an
     "e" with an accent, etc.) and the site encoding is not latin1.
     This would impact all Unix/Linux platforms where the Python
     installation tends to default to utf8

It looks like the Python 3.x byte/string difference that is in 2.7 will need to be looked at. Possibly via an encoding flag to postreview.

I'm snowed under at the moment otherwise I'd look at this myself :-(

I have a number of Windows users (with non ascii diffs) so I'm at risk for this problem BUT this isn't an issue for me as I supply them with an exe generated with Python 2.4 and py2exe. Craig This may be your best option.


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