I still need some kind of plugins ability inside ReviewBoard - right now and 
I thought Isn't it a good idea to do this in 1.6 adding some more signals 
and one additional external Django application which is empty.
Django itself are "plugable" thanks to "many applications inside one 
project" model. Here is a idea:
Create one, empty application let say "rbexternal" and add it to settings.py 
as last one.
Each fill will try to import some functions from unexisted model like:

  from rbexternals import *
except ImportError:

and so on for models etc...

Idea is: to commit such empty Django application. This will allow to create 
"rbexternals" module inside their Python environment and implement methods 
.e.g signal's callbacks - which will be available from reviewboard instance 
but without changing code inside repository.
What do You think? This doesn't need any big tests or something. This is 
very simple idea based on well test Django behaviors.

I will be glad to do something like this in 1.6. Now I have settings.py and 
signal collabacks in my private repo - it is not very bud but it is no very 
good also.



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