Hello, Review Board members!

My name is Alexander and I will work on my project about enhancing RB API 
during GSoC'11. You may look through my proposal on GSoC official site. So 
far I had conversation only with Christian Hammond and would like to meet 
with the rest team. I already have a humble experience in contributing to 
the open-source projects and I know that each of them has its own 
mini-culture, so I'd like to know yours. I've already read "Getting started" 
wiki section and wondering whether you have some sort of informal guidelines 
about coding style, commit messages, etc.

It was unusual that nobody comment my proposal during the application review 
period. So I greatly appreciate if you do it now (of course if there is 
something to say). Also I'd like to hear your wishes about the final result.

At last, I should know how can I present my work. I can either work with 
cloned repo and post the changes from time to time or commit directly to 
main repo.

Thank you all for chosen me and for such exciting opportunity to work with 
you! Review Board rocks!

Sincerely, Alexander

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