Hi Christian

Thank you for your answers, I really appreciate it.

On 29 abr, 18:46, Christian Hammond <chip...@chipx86.com> wrote:
> Your description said you went to add a SiteConfiguration entry, and you got
> a 500. That would explain the errors you're seeing. I'm confused now, are
> you saying you didn't touch anything since then, or that you didn't actually
> add it?

I never touched anything there - Only created the new site from a
rb-site install /var/www/rb-test

> If you go into the admin UI for the list of SiteConfigurations, how many do
> you see?

Only one - with the IP address of the site (no DNS inside company :-/
- should be the virtual host name, I'm using the IP as that)

> The From: address can only be changed on Review Board 1.6 beta 1, which is
> currently not compatible with Django 1.3 anyway (we'll put out a new release
> soon).

OK - besides the 500 error, I managed to find that the default "from
address" is set inside a Django file, in

Is it OK to modify it there?

Thanks again!

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