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On Wed, May 4, 2011 at 9:20 PM, Brian Hill <bch...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have 4 questions:
> 1) I have a bk.py module (for bitkeeper) that is in /usr/lib/python2.4/
> site-packages/reviewboard/scmtools/. I'd like to keep in it in a more
> local location that isn't mixed in the with the rpm's install
> location.
> How do I get RB to look somewhere else for that?

If this is generic enough, we'd be happy to include it as part of Review

However, to answer your question, the location of the scmtool isn't
important. What's important is that it's registered as an "entrypoint." What
you need to do is provide a standard Python setup.py script with Python
Setuptools, and register the SCMTool in there. You'd have something like:

    "reviewboard.scmtools": [
        "bk = mymodule.bk:BitKeeperTool",

Where "mymodule.bk" is the Python module your package would provide, and
BitKeeperTool is the SCMTool subclass. You can kind of see Review Board's
setup.py for an example. I'm actually in the process of documenting SCMTool
creation and packaging.

This means you'd be distributing this as a Python egg package.

Once you've done that and installed the package, you'd perform an rb-site
upgrade on your site, and Review Board will find it and register it.

But again, if you'll work with us on it, we'd be happy to include it along
with Review Board.

> 2) I cannot figure out where RB decides to create /tmp/
> reviewboard.log. I have looked through all of the code and simply
> don't see it. What am I missing? How can I change that?

The location for the log file is in Admin UI -> Settings -> Logging.

> 3) Can I get more verbosity in the reviewboard.log file?

DEBUG verbosity? Just add the following to your settings_local.py:


> 4) Starting with 1.5.5, I am having a problem with the images. In the
> logs, I see this:
> "GET /reviewboard//reviewboard/media/rb/images/favicon.png?1301306965
> I can't figure out how 2 '/reviewboard/' strings get in there. I
> eliminated all /reviewboard strings from the apache config but it
> hasn't helped.

Sounds like your paths may be wrong. Check Admin UI -> Settings -> General.


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