Howdy all,

I'm posting here because we are starting to use Review Board and find it a very 
useful tool.  However we are having some issues with implementation.  We have 
several Mecurial repos setup right now, all of which are set up with an out of 
process (terminology?) incoming hook.  It's a script to validate the user who 
made the push, and if the users isn't one of the core developers, a review 
notification is posted to our ReviewBoard instance.  The validation thing works 
fine, and only users who aren't amoung the core devs have review submissions at 
review board.  However, ReviewBoard lists all of the submitters as one 
particular user, never the user who actually made the push.  The hook calls hg 
postreview -i # -r # (which syntactically may be incorrect, not 100%).  
Apparently the postreview hg command doesn't have a --submit-as option, but we 
have the username as a BASH variable in the script.  Is there some special 
means that the submitting user has to be specified when using hg postreview in 
an out of process hook?  Please let me know if I shold specify anyhitng 
further, I'm far from a Mercurial pro so I might need to refine my question.

Thanks in advance,


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