We're running ReviewBoard with Mercurial and are using the "hg
postreview" extension to post reviews to the server.  This works fine
for any repository that we've entered via the RB admin UI with a path
(URI) starting with http://, but the RB server replies with a 400
response reporting a 207 error (file not found in the repository) when
we try to configure the same repository to have a ssh:// path.  We
want to use ssh:// and not http:// URIs for select repositories for
access-control reasons, but to do an apples to apples comparison I
wanted to try ssh:// for a repository that is known to work via http://.

The server reports 201 on the POST /rb/api/review-requests/ call, 200
on the PUT /rb/api/review-requests/489/draft/, but 400 on the POST /rb/
api/review-requests/489/diffs/ call.

The submitted diff is the same in the call that fails when using an ssh://
repository URI and the one that succeeds with a http:// repository

I've verified that the ssh authentication works -- the sshrepo
validate_repo call succeeds, and there are no errors logged to /var/

I've set DEBUG = True in my settings yet the reviewboard log doesn't
log anything about this issue.

Any ideas on why this might be failing, and how to debug it further
(where to add additional logging or where to set breakpoints, etc.)?


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