We are looking at adding additional security mechanisms to limit
unauthorized users to view source code and comments.  The views of
primary interest discovered so far are


Basically the list(s) and the reviews themselves.

Looking at http://code.google.com/p/reviewboard/issues/detail?id=1885
and installing the 1.6 beta2 locally it appears that you can make the
repository not public which appears will meet the requirements, but
then requires you to individually assign authorized users.

Ideally I believe we would like to have non-public functionality but
ability to allow anyone who is authenticated access.   I would prefer
not having to add and remove individuals as they are hired or leave
the company.  Is this functionality something that will be supported
or is there a workflow that would accomplish same thing with minimal


Michael D. Milbrath
E-mail: m.milbr...@gmail.com

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