OK, now that I have Review Board set up and running, I'm a happy
camper.  But I have a workflow question.

We host all of our development repositories on a local server
("devserver") and map the repositories to local drives to make live
with TortoiseHg a bit easier ("R:\" => "\\devserver\Repositories").
Then we clone those repositories locally do do our regular development
and push when needed ("R:\Mercurial\project-name" is cloned into "E:

I've noticed while setting things up, that Review Board doesn't like
to look at my R:\ drive or at \\devserver, but it talks to "E:
\Projects" just fine.  My concern is that "E:\Projects" is just how
*my* system is set up (and the other systems we have here), but I
cannot guarantee that other developers we bring on board will be able
to put everything in E:\Projects.

Is there a way to make Review Board recognize the *remote* repository
(on the development server) rather than referencing my local clone?

Looking through the documentation, there are great descriptions for
working with Git, but nothing for Mercurial.  Based on the Git
instructions, is it safe to assume that Path should point to my local
clone (E:\Projects\project-name) and Mirror Path should point to the
remote (\\devserver\Repositories\Mercurial\project-name)?  If so, what
effect will this have on developers who don't have or aren't using an
E drive?

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