Running Review Board 1.5.5 on Apache 2.2 under Windows Server 2003.  Just
about everything works beautifully, except ...

The subdirectory is stripped off of the URL in rare cases.

I'm running Review Board as http://devserver/reviewboard/  This way it can
run along side Trac (http://devserver/trac/).  Unfortunately, the
/reviewboard/ randomly disappears at times:

   - If I'm logged out and try to navigate to http://devserver/reviewboard,
   the browser redirects to
   - If I'm logged in and log out, the browser redirects to
   - If I try to close a review (as submitted, discarded, or delete), the
   browser tries to make a request from
   http://devserver/api/json/reviewrequests/2/close/submitted/ rather than

This isn't a showstopper in terms of personal usability, as I can still use
Review Board just fine and it still integrates with TortoiseHg as expected.
 However, it is a major problem when it comes to working with other
developers and to streamlining our development process.  I need to figure
out what's going wrong with the URL redirection and fix it quickly.

For reference:

   - I'm running mod_wsgi, and I understand this has been a problem in the
   past as well.
   - I have tried every possible variation of "/" "/reviewboard"
   "reviewboard/" "/reviewboard/" I could come up with for both SITE_ROOT and

Here's the VirtualHost directive from Apache:

<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerName devserver
DocumentRoot "E:/Inception/ReviewBoard/htdocs"

# Error handlers
ErrorDocument 500 /errordocs/500.html

WSGIPassAuthorization On
WSGIScriptAlias "/reviewboard"
WSGIScriptAlias "/trac" "E:/Inception/Trac/cgi-bin/trac.wsgi"

<Location '/trac'>
AuthType Basic
AuthName "Trac"
AuthUserFile E:/Inception/Trac/.htpasswd
Require valid-user

<Directory "E:/Inception/ReviewBoard/htdocs">
AllowOverride All

<Directory "E:/Inception/Trac/htdocs">
WSGIApplicationGroup %{GLOBAL}
Order allow,deny
Allow from All

# Alias static media requests to filesystem
Alias /reviewboard/media "E:/Inception/ReviewBoard/htdocs/media"
Alias /reviewboard/errordocs "E:/Inception/ReviewBoard/htdocs/errordocs"
Alias /trac/chrome/common "E:/Inception/Trac/htdocs/common"
Alias /trac/chrome/site "E:/Inception/Trac/htdocs/site"

And my file:

# Site-specific configuration settings for Review Board
# Definitions of these settings can be found at

# Database configuration
DATABASE_NAME = 'reviewboard'
DATABASE_USER = 'reviewboard'
DATABASE_HOST = 'localhost'

# Unique secret key. Don't share this with anybody.

# Cache backend settings.
CACHE_BACKEND = 'memcached://localhost:11211/'

# Extra site information.
FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME = '/reviewboard/'
DEBUG = True

I think this might have something to do with the way Review Board and Django
are talking to each other and how they're redirecting the URL ... but I'm
not 100% sure.  Ideas?

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