Hi guys, I need some help.

I have a Windows Server 2003 computer that I'm setting up with Git and

My Git repositories are managed by Gitolite. The setup is successful
and everything is working fine (tested with multiple workstations).

The Review-Board site has installed successfully and is hosted under
Apache 2.2. This is also working fine in itself (the website is
accessible and responds for workstations), except the part where I'm
trying to link Git repositories to Review-Board.

Most tutorials (example: 
provide good details on how to setup a Git repository under Review-
Board, except that they refer to Linux/Unix systems, and I am running
Windows Server 2003.

My Gitolite repositories are stored under D:\Repositories\Git (on the
same server as Review-Board)
Example: D:\Repositories\Git\sdu-test\.git

My understanding is that Review-Board needs a local clone of the
repository(ies). Therefore, I created a directory named LocalClones
and I cloned my repository.
Example: D:\Repositories\LocalClones\[I cloned sdu-test.git here]
Command used (from LocalClones directory): git clone ../Git/sdu-
(the clone was successful)

Now, in Review-Board, I'm trying to declare my sdu-test repository.
This is where nothing works. I always get an error no matter what
combination I try! Here are my initial settings:

    Name is 'sdu-test'
    Hosting type is 'Custom'
    Repository type is 'Git'

For path, if I write:

'file://D/Repositories/LocalClones/sdu-test/.git' --> Error:
Permission denied accessing the local Git repository '/Repositories/

'/D/Repositories/LocalClones/sdu-test/.git' --> Error: Permission
denied accessing the local Git repository '/D/Repositories/LocalClones/

'ssh://git@localhost/cygdrive/d/Repositories/LocalClones' --> Error:
Unable to authenticate against this repository using one of the
supported authentication types.

'D:\Repositories\LocalClones\sdu-test\.git' --> Error: (11001,
'getaddrinfo failed')

No matter what I try, it just won't work! I've been looking for
tutorials online for days, but nobody online seems to encounter this
situation, which makes it even more frustrating...

Can anyone help me out with this? Thank you so much in advance.

Best regards,

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