Hi All,

We are starting to use reviewboard in our organization. We have SVN in
place for version control. We have successfully installed reviewboard
1.5.5 and all basic options are working fine. But we are facing below

1. In the HTML UI, there is no option to post review for brand new
files checked into SVN. It always expects a diff file which don't
exist for a new file / folder. We are following post-checkin review

2. When tried with "post-review" with "--revision-range 0:HEAD"
option, facing the error shown below:
     >>> svn diff --diff-cmd=diff -r 0:HEAD
    Failed to execute command: ['svn', 'diff', '--diff-cmd=diff', '-
r', '0:HEAD']

3. I have searched through different posts on the same topic, but
didn't find concrete answers. I am not sure from release notes whether
this problem is resolved in latest versions. There are some home made
scripts posted by different users, but the usage is unknown. BTW, I am
new to python as well.

4. Can review board be used for document reviews? If yes, how?

Any help is sincerely appreciated.


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