Thank you Christian for quick reply. Please see my answers below.

> I don't see any screenshot attached, but did you create the repository in
> the administration UI? If we don't show it, then we generally couldn't load
> a valid repository.
Yes, a valid SVN repository was created and used on 1.5.5 version.
But I revisited it's configuration based on your suggestion above.
When I tied to save the configuration, facing the error "Unable to
create directory /var/www/,
which is needed for the Subversion configuration. Create this
directory and set the web server's user as the the owner."

> Did you run 'rb-site upgrade' and restart your web server?
I am just site admin. Our server admin surely ran the 'rb-site
upgrade'. I will ask our server admin whether he restarted the server.
Below are steps followed to upgrade.
1. Backed up MySQL with mysqldump
2. Backed up /var, /opt/memcache and /etc using tar.
3. root@wolf.62> easy_install -f
-U ReviewBoard
4. root@wolf.64> rb-site upgrade /var/www/
5. root@wolf.65> service httpd restart
6. root@wolf.70> service memcached stop
7. root@wolf.71> service memcached start

> Can you look at the web server log files and reviewboard log files (you may
> have to enable logging in Admin  -> Settings -> Logging) and see what errors
> show up?
It seems a logs directory needs to be created for this. I will get it
done and update you back.

> I don't understand what you mean here. What are you clicking? How are you
> generating the diff being posted to Review Board? How did you put anything
> up if #1 above wasn't working?
The web UI is actually creating a review request with graphics only
option. Then it is allowing to add file of any type. We can open these
added files by clicking the link provided in the review request. But
we cannot comment on this.
May be this will be fixed if we add a valid repository.


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