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> Thank you Christian for quick reply. Please see my answers below.
> > I don't see any screenshot attached, but did you create the repository in
> > the administration UI? If we don't show it, then we generally couldn't
> load
> > a valid repository.
> Yes, a valid SVN repository was created and used on 1.5.5 version.
> But I revisited it's configuration based on your suggestion above.
> When I tied to save the configuration, facing the error "Unable to
> create directory /var/www/reviews.amer.actel.com/data/.subversion,
> which is needed for the Subversion configuration. Create this
> directory and set the web server's user as the the owner."

Okay, then it should be just a matter of adding that and setting the
permissions. I think I'm going to do some better checks for that after a
server upgrade so you don't end up hitting it without realizing.

> > Did you run 'rb-site upgrade' and restart your web server?
> I am just site admin. Our server admin surely ran the 'rb-site
> upgrade'. I will ask our server admin whether he restarted the server.
> Below are steps followed to upgrade.
> 1. Backed up MySQL with mysqldump
> 2. Backed up /var, /opt/memcache and /etc using tar.
> 3. root@wolf.62> easy_install -f
> http://downloads.reviewboard.org/releases/ReviewBoard/1.6/
> -U 
> <http://downloads.reviewboard.org/releases/ReviewBoard/1.6/%0A-U>ReviewBoard
> 4. root@wolf.64> rb-site upgrade /var/www/reviews.amer.actel.com
> 5. root@wolf.65> service httpd restart
> 6. root@wolf.70> service memcached stop
> 7. root@wolf.71> service memcached start
> > Can you look at the web server log files and reviewboard log files (you
> may
> > have to enable logging in Admin  -> Settings -> Logging) and see what
> errors
> > show up?
> It seems a logs directory needs to be created for this. I will get it
> done and update you back.
> > I don't understand what you mean here. What are you clicking? How are you
> > generating the diff being posted to Review Board? How did you put
> anything
> > up if #1 above wasn't working?
> The web UI is actually creating a review request with graphics only
> option. Then it is allowing to add file of any type. We can open these
> added files by clicking the link provided in the review request. But
> we cannot comment on this.
> May be this will be fixed if we add a valid repository.

Ahh, I misunderstood what you were saying. Okay, I will take a look at that
and get a fix in for 1.6.

Would you mind filing a bug so we can better track it?


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