I'm new to ReviewBoard and my so far not going too good ..

I have TRAC and ReviewBoard installed on the same domain. I've been
using TRAC for a while and added a fresh install of ReviewBoard. I
installed it at mydomain.com/reviews/. When I go there, I see the
ReviewBoard logo, a few links, and a message saying "The page you were
looking for does not exist." There is also a login link that takes me
mydomain.com/reviews/account/login/, which 404s with browser's default
page. The error log says:

Target WSGI script not found or unable to stat: /var/reviewboard/
mydomain/htdocs/reviewboard.wsgiaccount, referer: https://mydomain.com/reviews/

Note that both TRAC and ReviewBoard are on SSL-only, and merged their
configs into a single <VirtualHost> section.

What did I do wrong? How can I fix it?


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