I have a group of about 12 developers who have used ReviewBoard for the past 
three months. In general, they are really pleased and believe it is a much 
better tool for source code review than the tool it replaces, which was 
heavyweight and didn't really support software.

One of the team members asked me if there was a way to limit the number of 
emails they are receiving.  Here is the scenario that can flood their 

1) A developer creates a review, and publishes it
2) Four reviewers create a review, and publish (4 emails generated)
3) The developer goes back and responds to each review, with comments, and 
must push PUBLISH for each review. 4 emails pushed to every developer.

So, I'm wondering, short of turning off email notifications, is there 
something that we can do to limit the number of emails being sent out?  Are 
we misusing or otherwise misconfiguring the tool?

If there's nothing we can do, is there anything on the roadmap to allow 
email fine tuning (such as, only sending the comment back to the author of 
the review to which you're responding?)


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