I think I figured this out.

Essentially, we were using git without a centralized repository. I believe 
that reviewboard doesn't like this.

So, I set up a directory on our server to act as a central repository and 
then cloned our repositories into there using the --bare option:

cd /path/to/new/
git clone --bare /path/to/old/git/repository

Then, I removed the old repositories:

rm -r /path/to/old/repository

And then cloned the git repository from the centralized repository back to 
where the old one was.

cd /path/to/old/
git clone /path/to/new/repository.git

Now I can run post-review and everything is happy.

post-review --guess-description --guess-summary

I even set up a post-commit hook for my git repository to automate this 

echo "post-review --guess-summary --guess-description" >> 

So now when I do a git commit, the review automatically gets posted. Boom, 

I think this is all working swimmingly now. Can you see any issues with this 

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