On Friday 15 July 2011 07:45:22 pm Chris Toomey wrote:
> Are there any plans / rough ETA to add mercurial support to post-
> review?  We've been using
> http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/ReviewboardExtension which is pretty good
> but doesn't support some of the features of post- review like passing in a
> diff file.  Plus it'd be better in general for folks to be able to use
> post-review versus having to find external workarounds like that.
> I'm not sure what the reasons are for the developers creating that
> external extension versus updating post-review, was / is there any
> reason they don't want to update post-review?
> thanks,
> Chris

I am using the RB mercurial extension as I am much more familiar with the 
mercurial source code and that I currently don't need any extra features.
It also makes my users only use hg subcommands, wether this is for pure 
mercurial or reviewboard, which kind simplify the training.

I was planning to contribute to RBTools at some point, but I never had the 
time to allocate for that.


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