Hi All
I am trying to setup the Reviewboard 1.5.5 on Windows xp (sp3) and try
to use it with the clearcase.
The Mysql 5.5; Apache 2.2 are using.
After seting a example sites, I can visit the reviewboard via browser.
But failed to submit a new review request.

The info of  repository in Reviewboard I created are:
Hosting service: Custom
Repository type: Clear case
Repository type: M:\dynamic_view_tag\VOB_NAME\

Before submit a review request, I generate a udiff file: f:\udiff.txt.

If try to submit the request via browser (e.g firefox),:
click the "New Review Request " then fill the following info to  form
in webpage
Repository:  VOB_NAME
Base Directory: M:\dynamic_view_tag\VOB_NAME\
Click "Create Review Request".
Then I can see the status bar of the browser keep displaying "waiting
for http://review.example.com/reviews/r/new"; and never return back.

If try to use the post-review tool (installed by RBTools 0.3.2), it
hang on ">>> HTTP POSTing to" and never come back the following is the
--debug output:
M:\dynamic_view_tag\VOB_NAME>post-review --username=user --
password=rbpass --submit-as=user --diff-filename=f:\udiff_1.txt --
debug --repository=M:\dynamic_view_tag\VOB_NAME\
>>> RBTools 0.3.2
>>> Home = C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data
>>> svn info M:\dynamic_view_tag\VOB_NAME\
>>> git rev-parse --git-dir
>>> cleartool pwv -short
>>> repository info: Path: M:\dynamic_view_tag\VOB_NAME\, Base path: 
>>> M:\dynamic_view_tag\VOB_NAME\, Supports changesets: False
>>> HTTP GETting api/
>>> HTTP GETting http://review.example.com/reviews/api/info/
>>> Using the new web API
>>> Attempting to create review request on M:\dynamic_view_tag\VOB_NAME\ for 
>>> None
>>> Submitting the review request as user
>>> HTTP POSTing to http://review.example.com/reviews/api/review-requests/: 
>>> {'submit_as': 'user', 'repository': 'M:\\dynamic_view_tag\\VOB_NAME\\'}
>>> Review request created
>>> Uploading diff, size: 8001
>>> HTTP POSTing to 
>>> http://review.example.com/reviews/api/review-requests/14/diffs/: 
>>> {'basedir': 'M:\\dynamic_view_tag\\VOB_NAME\\'}

The user is a super user of reviewboard (the "Superuser status" and
"staff status" are  checked, )so I don't think it's a permission

Any comment is much appreciated.

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