I'm looking at a review from a co-worker, and I'd really like to have her 
code on my development machine, so that I can run the unit tests and mess 
around generally.

I figured that I'd be able to download the diff from the review 
(http://our-reviewboard.server/r/123/diff/raw/) and apply that to my local 
git repository, but it doesn't apply:

$ git apply ~/Downloads/bug\ \(1\).patch 
error: patch failed: some/file:7
error: some/file: patch does not apply
error: other/file: No such file or directory

On reflection, this isn't surprising: she probably based her work on some 
commit other than the one that I happen to have checked out.  Perhaps if I 
ask her for that commit ID, I'll be able to apply the diff.  But somehow 
this seems wrong to me: it seems as if reviewboard should somehow provide 
that commit ID automatically.  Am I misunderstanding something?  Is there no 
way that I can get her work onto my machine, without having to get extra 
information from her?


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