On 15/08/11 12:24, Stephen Gallagher wrote:
On Sun, 2011-08-14 at 13:38 -0700, kevin gill wrote:

I am using git, and starting with reviewboard on a new project.

Is there a command to create a review/diff for the entire repository.
I can use post-review to create a diff between  the first commit and
the current version (using a --revision-range). However, the git
repository initial revision contains some code that should be

This is just for my convenience. If there is no way to do this easily,
that is fine.

I don't know of a "proper" way to do this, but what you could do is this
(in your local repo, of course).

1) 'git format-patch -M -C<initial commit>'
2) 'git revert<initial commit>'
3) 'git format-patch -M -C -1'
3) 'git am -3<initial commit patch from step 1>'
4) Use the diff created in step 2 as the parent diff and the diff
created in step 1 as the diff.

Enjoy your hackeriffic review :)

Thanks - I will give this a go tomorrow.


This may not work if you have a lot of merges to resolve, though.

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