clutch@fx09:~/workspace/example$ post-review --debug
>>> RBTools 0.3.3
>>> Home = /home/clutch
>>> svn info
>>> diff --version
>>> repository info: Path:, 
>>> Base path: /trunk, Supports changesets: False
>>> svn propget reviewboard:url /home/clutch/workspace/example
>>> svn propget reviewboard:url 
Unable to find a Review Board server for this source code tree.

Here's my reviewboardrc
clutch@fx09:~/workspace/example$ cat /home/clutch/.reviewboardrc
REPOSITORY_URL = "http://reviews.local/reviews.local";

svn info
clutch@fx09:~/workspace/example$ svn info
Path: .
Repository Root:
Repository UUID: ab757fae-6e61-4142-9f3e-588728cd6790
Revision: 332
Node Kind: directory
Schedule: normal

Here's my repository as defined in Review Board
Name: examplerepo
Hosting service: Custom
Repository type: Subversion
Mirror path:

I'm stumped does any one see the problem?

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