Might be off topic but thats why I like GIT so much. You can commit a
lot of little changes then ball them up into one major commit. Maybe
you can start using git locally then use git-svn to push to svn when
finish with the feature.

On Aug 9, 10:06 am, Eric B <ebare...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Several of my teammates work on a particular feature and commit to SVN
> frequently. After the feature is done, we'd like to review the code as
> one RB request. I was hoping post-review would work for this, but it
> appears not. What I tried was:
> post-review --revision-range=122:123 (to create the initial request)
> post-review -r X --revision-range=125:127 (to update, repeated for
> each revision/range in the feature)
> The last post-review -r command actually overwrites the previous
> updates, so all we end up with is one change to review.
> Doing something like post-review --revision-range 122:127 isn't ideal
> because revision 124, for example, may be a different feature we're
> not interested in reviewing just yet.
> Thanks for any tips,
> Eric

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