Hi folks,
I don't understand how post-review extracts the path of the repository.

$ ./bin/post-review
The repository path "ssh://<server>/srv/git/vendor/rbtools.git" is not in the
list of known repositories on the server.

Right, the repository is path + repo_name
(/srv/git/vendor/rbtools.git) and not server_url + path + repo_name.

Did I missed something?

PS: I use server alias:
[url "ssh://<server>/srv/git"]
insteadOf = sact:

So, automatic url / path extraction doesn't work. A better way could
be to add a reviewboard configuration in gitconfig the like this:
path = /srv/git/repo_name.git

I've a patch for that.

Sebastien Douche <sdou...@gmail.com>
Twitter : @sdouche

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