> Thanks! Can we list your company on our Happy Users list? :)

I have to ask, I'll answer asap

> This has certainly been requested before, and is doable. I think we could
> offer this in a future release. I'm not sure if we have a ticket filed.
> Would you mind filing one?

Sure, http://code.google.com/p/reviewboard/issues/detail?id=2276

> The comments part confused me a bit,

I each diff you have two parts, right and left :
On top of it you have "Revision 16452" and "new changes" would be geat
if you had sth like
"<< Revision 16452 >>" and "<< new changes  >>"
So you can directly click there to navigate changes instead of squares
with [1] [2] by listed files on top
Keyboards shorcuts are useful but they have a learning curve

> Another frequently requested feature, but one that we don't necessarily have
> control over. This works if emails are sent directly to you, but in many
> (most?) deployments, they're actually sent to mailing lists. We obviously
> can't control whether you get it then. Offering options for that may mislead
> users.

Well in any case you should be able to configure when mails are sent
to that list, or group them (one a day), stuff like that

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