I did an upgrade from pre-1.0 SVN to 1.5.5. The instructions are in a
previous post:

Your steps will be a little different because you are using
easy_install. And you might not have the missing table issue I had.

easy_install is generally easy to get:
Red Hat-based: yum install python-setuptools
Debian-based: apt-get install python-setuptools

Considering how old 1.0 is, the OS could be EOL'd, you might want to
start on a new server. If you don't have spare servers/VMs, at least
do the testing in a VM on your workstation. I would dump the database
and restore it to a test database. And copy the site files to a test
location. Then test doing upgrades of the test DB and files until you
get it right. Then shutdown the real site, do a backup, then upgrade.


On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 12:33 PM, Christian Hammond <chip...@chipx86.com> wrote:
> rb-site is provided by the ReviewBoard package, which you should install by
> doing "easy_install -U ReviewBoard".
> You shouldn't need to touch the tatballs. I don't know why it was angry
> about setup.py, but perhaps it's just too old.
> Best way to back up the database is by doing an SQL dump. That varies
> depending on whether you're using MySQL, PostreSQL, etc. It won't be in our
> site directory unless you're using SQLite (which we don't recommend).

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