I have the configuration below,

Fedora 2.6
Subversion 1.4.6
ReviewBoard 1.5.6
python 2.5.1

When I try to add repositories, I'm getting the following:

The Python module "pysvn" is not installed. You may need to restart the
server after installing it.

How can I install this?
I downloaded pysvn-1.7.1. it requires Pycxx_5.5.0 (because svn 1.4) but I'm
trying to compile following the instruction in the INSTALL.html

I'm getting the following.
Info: Found  PyCXX include in /software/tools/pysvn-1.7.1/Import/pycxx-5.5.0
Info: Found   PyCXX Source in
Info: Found Python include in /software/tools/pysvn-1.7.1/Import/pycxx-5.5.0
/software/tools/pysvn-1.7.1/Import/pycxx-5.5.0/Src /usr/include/python2.5
('Error:', 'cannot find SVN include svn_client.h - use --svn-inc-dir=')

I changed the version of PyCXX from 6.1.1 to 5.5.0 (because of SVN 1.4)

I search for this error and it looks like this file can be installed on
svn_dev package, but I cannot find it download it.

Please help how can I debug this problem.
Thank you

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