On Tue, Sep 13, 2011 at 5:33 AM, insysion <s.tai...@insysion.net> wrote:
> Ok, so I made the cardinal sin of not reading everything you sent. I
> guess what I need to know is whether that error looks like migrating
> this site is the best option or whether to go with generating a new
> site and linking it to the old database.

I'm not sure about the error. settings_local.py should tell you what
DB you are using.

I think a new site is the best way to go. By "site" I mean the
directory structure and files created by 'rb-site install'. The
directory structure and files of an old SVN pull are totally different
than a new easy_install/rb-site created site. After creating the new
site you point local settings at the old database (or better, a copy
of the old database), and run 'rb-site upgrade' to evolve the
database. You also need to copy any persistent data stored in the file
system, from the old site to the new site, which as far as I know is
only the stuff in htdocs/media/uploaded.


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