On Fri, 16 Sep 2011 05:19:06 PM zsolt farkas wrote:
> We are quite satisfied with the current functionality, however we
> would soon need some additional features implemented. As we are mainly
> a C++ company, we have limited knowledge in python and the related
> technologies. This lead us to the conclusion, if we could support the
> project with other resources to develop these features.
I'm not sure if you got an answer to this, but there are at least two ways to 
support ReviewBoard. The first is that you could choose to make a contribution 
to the project:

However it seems like you're looking for dedicated development. Its open 
source, so you have a lot of options. One that I'd consider (in your 
situation, as I understand it) is to work with the lead developers (Chris and 
David). They announced a company a while back:

I don't see much of a web page for that company yet, but the RBCommons web 
pages have a contact email address: supp...@beanbaginc.com.

[I have no association with the company, and I'm only a happy user of the 

I'm sure there are other options, but the real advantage (IMO) of BeanBag is 
that you're pretty certain your changes are going to be good enough to be 
upstreamed, so they'll appear in future versions without needing to redo the 



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