By the way, the old site used an SQLite backend. I was going to get access
to the legacy code reviews by having an SQLite site alongside the production
MySQL site that we'll use going forwards. I notice that "We don’t *
officially* support converting a database from SQLite to other databases".
How about unofficially? Could I get around my problems by importing my data
from my 1.0 SQLite db into a 1.6.1 MySQL db?
 On Fri, Sep 23, 2011 at 3:00 PM, Sandeep Tailor <>wrote:

> Okay, so I have a shiny, new, *working*,* *instance of Reviewboard 1.6.1.
> and my plan to migrate my data from my old site was to run rb-site upgrade
> on the old site and then copy the newly upgraded database to the new site.
> Unfortunately, the database still seem to have a certain amount of 1.0ness
> to it and it spat back the "Manual server updates required Review Board"
> page attached. The only thing I did apart from copy over the database was to
> change the SECRET_KEY in /conf/ What have I missed? Or am
> I going about this all wrong?
> I also thought I might as well see the carnage that ensued if I tried to
> just get the upgraded old site running and, sure enough, I get a 500 Error
> back with the attached Apache error_log.
> As always, your help and time are much appreciated,
> Sandeep

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