I recently switched from cvs to git.  Our procedure with ReviewBoard
with git is now similar to what we were doing before:  commit changes,
do a git pull, then create a diff of the unpushed changes with "git
diff FETCH_HEAD..HEAD", then push the changes.  Very frequently, when
I try to upload such a diff file to ReviewBoard, it complains about
one or more (but not all) of the blob SHA1s in the file, with an error

   error: unable to find 50e95d4c42cc5972e9a849502ec37ca6624379e5
fatal: git cat-file 50e95d4: bad file

If I remove the offending diffs, I can upload the remainder of the
diff file (though the result obviously lacks the changes I removed).
The sha1s which RB is complaining about are present in the repository,
and I can see them.  In other words, when I run "git cat-file blob
50e95d4" I don't get an error, but see the file.

Does anyone have an idea why ReviewBoard is having trouble with those


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