I just installed the most recent version of RevieBoard (1.6.1) on a
CentOS6 machine. I had to install the pysvn from scratch, but the rest
went quite well. So far so good.

But when I want to add a repository (Hosting Service: Custom,
Repository Type: Subversion) which is placed in the same subnet of my
company I get the error:
"A repository was not found at the specified path."
I enabled the log and get the message:
2011-09-23 14:45:55,554 - ERROR - SVN: Failed to get repository
information for svn://svnServer.local/.../: Can't connect to host
'svnServer.local': Permission denied

The Username and Password are correct, and when I enter some other
Username and Pasword I get the same messages, it seams that they are
not used at all in this case...

I also looked at the packets in Wireshark, but I can only see some DNS
packages to the svn server...

All help is most appreciated


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