Christian Hammond wrote:
[RE changing backend databases] Unofficially, you can do the following:

On the old site: rb-site manage /path/to/site dumpdata > dbdump.json

On the new: ..... loaddata dbdump.json

There are no guarantees it'll work, but give it a try.

Note: They will both need to be updated to the same version of RB first.

I know this is off topic but we've had success at Actian (we changed our name just last week from Ingres) with a json dump transfer.

I didn't perform the migration myself, one of my colleagues did, so I can't offer any thing other than "this is worth trying, it worked for us". Of course we moved from version X to version X (not version X to Y).

We have previously moved from version X to Y but by using the same database backend, see old thread titled "Successful upgrade from Reviewboard 0.9 to".

For the upgrade from 1.0 to 1.5 series the evolve just worked.


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