So, in lack of a response, I've moved my review board server in an
attempt to fix this.  I still can't host on a subdomain, but I'm now
using root plus a port (in this case 9999).

LDAP authentication still doesn't work with the API, and it looks like
no query for authentication is being sent to the LDAP server, no error
in the logs.

Is there anywhere I can look to diagnose this issue / potentially get
it to work?


On Sep 22, 6:59 pm, Jeff Ward <> wrote:
> I'm having more trouble getting LDAP authentication.
> I'll admit up front, I'm working with a web server where dedicating a
> portion of apache just to review board was not possible. I had to
> append the rules to the default site, at the directory root/reviews.
> This is a hard requirement.
> I am also using FastCGI.  This is because of other issues with WSGI on
> the server.
> The problem is root/reviews/api/ is not accepting LDAP
> authentication.  So far as I can tell, it's not even attempting to
> query LDAP for the information, and the logs have no information.  Is
> there something I should look for to have the API authenticate
> properly, especially in this weird setup?

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