I recently migrated our SQLite RB database to PostgreSQL. You probably
have two options, first you could use rb-site manage . dumpdata
however that didn't work for me (I think it was because our database
was too big). I ended up having to create a new reviewboard instance,
delete all the records out of all of the tables, then export my mysql
data as csv files (one table at a time) and import it (using the copy
command) into Postgres. It was a pain in the ass because you have to
be very specific about the order which you import tables in order to
satisfy foreign key constraints, but in the end, once I had discovered
the process, only took an hour or two and worked like a charm. I also
had to reset all postgres' sequences (found here wiki.postgresql.org/

In fear of starting a flame war ... good on ya for changing, Postgres
has much better speed vs reliability tradeoff by default. You get a
lot of stuff for free that would require a guru to get right in MySQL.
I find that, other than experts, people who pick postgres generally
have a good technical reason, whereas those who pick MySQL are merely
chasing brand name.

On Sep 26, 5:06 pm, Mail Team <email....@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm running a Review Board server on Mac OS X Server 10.6 that has MySQL
> built in.  I'm planning on moving it to a 10.7 Server that only has
> PostgreSQL built in.  Is it reasonable to try to migrate my database from
> MySQL to PostgreSQL and then just recreate the Review Board site on the 10.7
> Server?

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