Martin wrote:
Hi, I'm using RB 1.6.1 with LDAP authentication.
I want to each user can modifiy his email address.
I tried add the users a group with auth|user|Can change user, but it still not working...

NOTE I'm not using LDAP with RB :-)

Usually when using LDAP it is a read only resource, updates are usually performed via ldap (or rather via the team/person administering LDAP). How are users in LDAP handled? Do you have a way for users to update their own details in LDAP?

My guess is you can't do this via RB.

If you're not using LDAP you can update the email addresses for the users via the management shell, I had to do this recently to automate a domain change for users in batch. I suspect this won't work for LDAP.

$ cd /var/www/reviewboard/conf ; shell --settings=settings_local --pythonpath=/var/www/reviewboard/conf

   from  reviewboard.accounts.models import User
   for x in User.objects.all():
   = gen_new_email(  # defined somewhere else.....
   # commit

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