On Fri, 2011-09-30 at 11:32 -0700, Chris Clark wrote:
> One option is to print the email sent from reviewboard. If you want to 
> print the diffs you are likely to find sizing issues with the web page 
> approach with the wide side-by-side diff view.
> We've modified our RB server to include the diff in the email that is 
> sent out for review (we've not yet worked out how to NOT include the 
> diffs in replies/comments). That can help a little bit but the main 
> advantage we've found is using the browser to see the diffs and then 
> immediately expand code and add comments. You could do this with 
> face-to-face reviews if the computer is used instead of print.

Does it send the diff in the email contents or as an attachment? If the
latter, could you share your patch with the rest of the class? :)

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