On Mon, 2011-10-03 at 13:50 +0200, Mathias Schnydrig wrote:
> Thanks for the hint: It seams that SELinux caused the problem. As soon
> as I disabled the whole SELinux, the repository can be added. Is there
> a better solution then disabling SELinux, like changing some access
> rights? I'm don't know SELinux very well so can you tell where I have
> to change the permissions, or at least where I can find usable
> information?

Try issuing the following command (as root):

audit2allow /var/log/audit/audit.log

Paste the results here and I'll help you sort out what you need to
change in your SELinux setup to get it working. (Or, if appropriate,
where to file a bug against SELinux.)

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