Is there a way to use post-review (or the API that post-review
implements) to submit arbitrary files alongside a diff?

I had a thought on how to solve two issues we have with using Review
Board on our git-based project.

The first issue is that the diff file uploaded to Review Board and the
diff file downloaded back from it are not the same. The process of
converting a diff to a format that can be displayed in the web UI strips
out key information. This means that a reviewer cannot simply take the
diff file from ReviewBoard and apply it.

The second issue is with dealing with patch-sets. Most of the time, we
break our commits up into multiple smaller commits, the easier to review
(when done manually without Review Board). Obviously, the ideal solution
would be for Review Board to handle this development style natively, but
so far we've seen no movement on that front.[1]

So as a stop-gap measure, I'd like to be able to script post-review (or
the API directly) to allow submitting patches as arbitrary files,
alongside the actual diff for the review. With this in mind, I could
then build a make target in my project that would generate a review with
the diff from the common branch to the head, and then also generate
individual, git-am-compatible diff files that could be uploaded to the
ticket. In this way, a reviewer could easily download the original
patches and apply them for testing.

Also, I've just filed as an RFE to
add a "download all" button to Review Board.

[1] I'm aware that a GSoC student worked on this during Summer 2010, but
no part of that code seems to have been submitted upstream, and due to
conversations on the devel list it seems clear that the general approach
was deemed insufficient.

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