Bill Fenner wrote:
We've been having trouble with the diff viewer highlighting the wrong
part of the file (e.g., it highlights 6 lines as being added, but
those 6 lines are 12 lines above the lines that were actually added).
I finally root-caused this to embedded control characters inside
comments.  This source, for better or for worse, has comments like

/* ^L */

where ^L is literally a control-L.  In vi with :number set, this appears as:

 890 /* ^L */

In the reviewboard diff viewer, this appears as:

890 /*
891  */


My 2 cents, having anything on the same "line" after a FormFeed is kinda hard to grok.

I have an old code base (presumably like yours) that has FF (CTRL-L, 0x0c, etc.) characters all over. Reviewboard (and pygments) haven't had any problems BUT the use of ^L in our the code has been consistently followed by a new line (most of these are not in comments but that is a by-the-by).

Options appear to be:

  1. "fix" your code base, e.g. write a small python script to replace
     all '\x0c' occurrences with '\x0c\n' and just submit the updated
     code. Kinda dirty and a pain if you have multiple branches
  2. modify pygments
  3. modify Reviewboard

For #2 and #3 this would be something like convert all '\x0c' occurrences with '^L' so that the display shows something.

You may want to mail the pygments mailing list and see what they say about displaying ^L. I'd suggest generating an ascii table with each character taking one line (with some padding) and see what pygments does for all the characters from 0-127, there may be other control characters that an alternate visual replacement would make sense for (e.g. BEL).


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