I got some more information from the PyLucene mailing-list.

On 2011-10-25 10:52, va...@apache.org wrote:

>  Hi,
>The usual problem with embedding a Python extension built with JCC in an
>Apache process - which I guess is what you are doing - is that the process
>and threads where JCC is used in not properly initialized:
>  - initVM() must be called from the main thread before any Java call can
>    made.
>  - other threads must call attachCurrentThread() before they can make any
>    Java call.

Calling the thread function can be done with:

However, I am not shure where to put this call. Furthermore I found two
spots where initVM is called, and I am also unsure whether those lines get
executed in the main thread or in an additional thread.

initVM() is found in:

Can anyone help me to dig deeper on this threading issue?

Regards, Ruben

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